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Reasonably priced, the Kubota Model KNP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter is the ideal choice when taking the first step towards achieving outstanding operational efficiency and enhanced profitability through mechanization. Of the introductory-type, this model features a versatile size that is easily operated with agility and effectiveness even in confined spaces. This translates into incomparably higher operational efficiency with significantly reduced labour costs than can be achieved through labour-intensive manual transplanting. The result is a superior level of productivity that opens the door to a new dimension of professional agricultural excellence.

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  • Powerful OHV Engine

    The machine is equipped with powerful OHV gasoline engine with total displacement of 192 CC that allows effectively work at a speed of 0.85 m/s. (10% faster planting speed compared with previous model)

  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank

    The fuel tank has a large capacity of 10 L (Previous model: 4L). The reduced number of refueling contributes to its efficiency.

  • Spare Seedlings Slide Mechanism

    The 4-row type Rice Transplanter is mounted with the same spare seedlings slide mechanism as the 6-row type. Seedling replenishment is easily done.

  • One-touch open Bonnet

    The bonnet can be opened by just light pushing from above, making daily inspections and maintenance easy.

  • Hexagonal Axle

    Durability is enhanced thanks to the hexagonal axle with prevents the axle pin from being broken.

  • Oil Bath Method for Axle Case

    The axle case has been changed from a grease method to an oil bath method to improve maintainability and durability.

  • Bevel-Gear Drive system

    The bevel-gear drive system contributes to long operating life with no worry about chain cut.

  • The Use of Highly-durable Material

    Highly-durable material incorporated for the transmission and for hydraulic functions.

  • Adjustable transplanting Settings

    The distance between hills, seeding taking quantity and seedling planting depth are adjustable to fit user's needs and local conditions.

  • Belt Type Seedling Tray Vertical Feeding Mechanism

    The KNP-4W is equipped with a belt type vertical feeding mechanism for the seedling tray increasing the holding power of the seedling mat. It can prevent seedling mat from slipping down enabling more stable planting.

  • Large Diameter Wheels

    The large 660mm diameter of the wheels contributes to stable transplanting operations even in deep-tilled paddy fields. The position of the wheels can be adjusted according to the depth of the field.

  • Horizontal Control Mechanism

    Even in undulating operational conditions, the horizontal return structure of the plate spring works to plant seedlings at a uniform depth.

  • Automatic Adjustment of Machine Height

    The auto sensor detects undulations to adjust the machine height up to 450mm contributing to efficient operation even in deep paddy fields.


TYPE Walk-behind type
Machine DIMENSIONS Overall length (mm) 2140
Overall width [during operation] (mm) 1630 (2280)
Overall height (mm) 900
ENGINE Model MZ200-B-2-A
Type Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV gasoline engine
Total engine displacement L(cc) 0.192 [192]
Output/rotational speed kW [HP]/rpm 3.3 [4.4] / 2600
Usable fuel Regular automobile gasoline (unleaded)
Fuel tank capacity (L) 10
Ignition system Non-contact electromagnetic ignition
Starter system Recoil starter
Movement parts Wheel adjustment Hydraulic system (wheel up/down)
Wheel Type Thick rimmed rubber wheels
Outer diameter (mm) 660
Number of gears Main shift: 2 gears for moving forwards, 1 gear for moving in reverse
PLANTING PORTION Number of planting rows 4
Planting row spacing (cm) 30
Planting Hill space (cm) 12-14-16-18-21*1
Number of hills (hills/m2) 28-24-21-19-16*1
Planting depth (cm) 7 to 37 (5 settings)
Hill quantity adjustment method Crossfeed distance/revolution (mm) 10.3/26, 13.4/20
Scraping depth (mm) 7 to 17 (across 9 settings)
PLANTING SPEED (M/S) 0.47 to 0.85
SEEDING CONDITION Type of seedling Seedlings in mat
Seedling height (cm) 10 - 25
Foliar age (leaves) 2.0 - 4.5
Number of spare seedlings that can be loaded (boxes) 3
Horizontal Control Mechanism for tranplanting section Horizontal Control Mechanism
  • The company reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. The product information is for descriptive purpose only.
  • Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For complete operational information, the operator's manual should be consulted.
  • 1 Wheel slip ratio of 10%


Easy to drive and easy to maintence.