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We wish to bring to your attention that due to the current Covid pandemic situation, we are managing the operations with limited manpower and working hours and hence there may be some delay in our product supply chain and services.

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High performance with efficiency - MU5502 2WD (360 degree view)

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Top view of MU5502 2WD (Please click on sign)

Kubota MU5502 - 2WD comes along with technically advance fuel efficient Kubota V2403-M-DI-TE3 Engine which provide performance with fuel efficiency.

2,310 KG

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  • Balancer Shaft

    Kubota's unique balancer shaft on both sides of the engine, Which rotates the twice of the engine speed, opposite to each other and absorbs the vibration created by the engine so efficiently, that it hardly vibrates or makes any noise. As a result, farmers enjoy smoother operations for long hours without fatigue, plus reduced maintenance.

    Balancer Shaft
  • Synchro Gear

    The 12 forward and 4 reverse speed allows MU5502 customers a varied choice of speed options ideal for all types of implements and soil conditions. MU5502 is suitable for all agri as well as commercial applications like Plough, Harrow, TOT, supper seeder, etc.

    Synchro Gear
  • Main Transmission Synchromesh

    The durable synchronized transmission with synchromesh is noteworthy for its smooth, quiet shifting of gears.

  • Independent PTO with STD ECO / RPTO

    MU5502-2WD is equipped with dual PTO, standard and economy PTO, operators can use as per the applicable for heavy load application standard PTO and for light load application economy PTO.

    Independent PTO
  • High Hydraulic Lift

    The maximum hydraulic lift capacity of 1800 kgf and 2100 kgf (at lift point) is suitable for various implements

  • Double acting power steering with variable front axle

    The turning performance of the double acting power steering is so smooth that it can be operated even with a single finger.

  • Suspended Pedal

    Clutch & Brake pedals are suspended to improve operator comfort.

  • Larger Seat with Better Suspension

    The ergonomically designed larger seat with improved cushioning alleviates operator’s fatigue and helps water drain out during the rains.

  • LED Display

    MU5502 comes with a LED meter panel for easy operations even at the night. Better engine safety is ensured with air cleaner and overheat warning signs.

  • Flat Deck with Rubber Mat for Comfortable operation

    Significantly more spacious with enhanced legroom and workspace, the full-flat deck makes it possible for the operator to be seated in the most comfortable body posture during operations.

  • Front opening hood, easy to open with the touch of a knob

    MU5502 comes with a thoughtfully designed, robust, single piece open bonnet along with handle for easy opening and closing to bring ease in day to day maintenance of air cleaner, battery and radiator.

  • Parking Brake

    The parking brake's improves the extra safety with Locking and releasing which happens in the following two steps.
    For locking - [1] Pull the parking brake lever, [2] step on the pedal.
    For releasing - [1] Return the parking brake lever, [2] step on the pedal.

    Flat Deck
  • PTO Speed Change Lever

    The extended PTO lever provides better accessibility to operators, so that they can operate right from their seats with-out bending stressfully.

  • Accelerator Pedal

    Accelerator pedal is designed to provide better operating experience in terms of foot control and pressing power. Also the operator's foot movement and pedal movement are in the same direction, this improves operability.

  • Telescopic Stabilizer

    MU5502 equipped with a robust stabilizer, which enables easy adjustment of 3 point linkage.

  • 5-fin Main Clutch

    The 5-fin configuration of the main clutch enhances service life by 25% as compared with the 4-fin main clutch available from other manufacturers.

  • Clutch Fixing Lock

    The Clutch pedal fixing hook prevents jamming/sticking of the clutch while the tractor is not used for a long period.

  • Planetary Drive

    The Inboard planetary final drives distribute rear axle loads over three points, this reduces stress on individual gears and shafts. Operators can expect longer life with less service, which means maintenance time is replaced with profitable production time.

  • Reliable oil immersed brake

    OIB - Effective Braking improves Operator Comfort

  • World’s Top Class High Quality Oil Seals

    The oil seals are made by a reliable Japanese seal manufacturing company


Model Specification MU5502 (2WD)
ENGINE Type Kubota V2403-M-DI-TE3, Inline FIP
E-CDIS, 4 Cylinder, Liquid Cooled
Displacement (cc) 2,434
Backup torque 35%
Air filter Dry type, Dual element
Clutch Double Clutch
TRANSMISSION Gear Box 12 Forward + 4 Reverse, Main Transmission Synchromesh
Speeds Forward 1.8- 30.8 kmph
Reverse 5.1 - 14 kmph
BRAKES Type Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes
FRONT AXLE Type Fix / Variable 2WD
HYDRAULICS Lifting capacity 1,800 kgf and 2,100 kgf (at lift point)
Pump Capacity 29.2 lpm / 36.5 lpm (T)
STEERING Type Power (Hydraulic double acting)
POWER TAKE OFF Type Independent, Dual PTO
PTO RPM STD : 540 @2160 ERPM ECO : 750 @2200 ERPM
WHEELS & TYRES Front 7.5 x 16 / 6.5 x 20
Rear 16.9 x 28
Alternator 55 Amp
Starter motor 12 Volt, 2.0 kW
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Total weight 2,310 kg
Wheel base 2,100 mm
Overall length 3,720 mm
Overall width 1,965 mm
Ground clearance 420 mm
Turning radius with brakes 2.9 m
OTHER Deck design Flat Deck
Fuel tank capacity 65 Liters
FACTORY FITTED OPTIONS Auxiliary Control Valve
Reverse PTO (RPTO)
2WD Adjustable axle
T - TOT variant for Harvesters
  • The company reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. The product information is for descriptive purpose only.
  • Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For complete operational information, the operator's manual should be consulted.