Covid-19 : Business Advisory to Dealers and Customers

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd is committed to the health and safety of all our patrons and stakeholders.

We wish to bring to your attention that due to the current Covid pandemic situation, we are managing the operations with limited manpower and working hours and hence there may be some delay in our product supply chain and services.

We are working hard along with our dealer partners to overcome all hurdles and ensure that we can give our best services to our customers in the current situation. Meanwhile, we regret any inconvenience caused during this period. We believe that, with your support and patience we shall certainly come out of this stronger.

Kubota Agricultural
Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.



All Kubota genuine parts are designed and manufactured with strict factory standards in order to keep your Kubota machinery operating at peak performance year after year.

Our parts are repeatedly tested before they go into the market. Kubota only delivers high quality parts and by using them, your Kubota will always be at it's best.

A comprehensive range of Kubota genuine parts can be accessed via our national dealer network. Our dealers stock a variety of consumable and off-the-shelf parts in order to provide Kubota customers with a superior level of service and support.

For safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty, always choose Kubota genuine spare parts.

Easy Availability of Spare Parts through multiple sources like Part Stockiest, Company operated Depots and sufficient stock at every dealerships to ensure least machine downtime.

Parts Supply Depot.  

  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Cuttack

Parts Stockiest

  • Karnal - Partap Agrotech
  • Bhopal - Samriddhi Enterprises
  • Durg - Shivmangalam Motors


If you do not change filters...

When the filter is clogged - impurities, dust and dirt can enter into the interiors of the machine and damage the internal components which can affect machine performance and can also lead to machine breakdown.

If you do not change oils...

Shortage or contamination of oil can lead to deterioration in power, fuel economy, increased friction and wear of parts. Not only the performance of the engine is affected, but it can also lead to breakdown.

If you do not change tilling blade...

As the cultivation function decreases, good soil tillage cannot be done. Soil can accumulate around the tilling blades and rotate, which can result in increased burden on the tractor, which can deteriorate the fuel consumption.


To purchase Kubota genuine parts, please contact your nearest dealer.


The high performance range of Kubota genuine rubber tracks are manufactured with the latest technology to offer high tensile strength and minimal stretching.
Specifically designed for Kubota Harvesters, Kubota genuine rubber tracks boast of outstanding wear resistance and enhanced traction force.


Engine Oil Filters

Kubota’s oil filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants from engine oil during periods of normal and severe service.

Features of Kubota engine oil filters include:
  • Internal filter element has steel caps bonded to the filter media with oil resistant adhesive to increase the structural strength of the element.
  • High efficiency filtration with synthetic fibres for hot oil resistance.
  • Sealing gasket compound for severe service and high temperature operation, reduces oil leakage due to hardening.

Hydraulic filters

Kubota hydraulic filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants from hydraulic systems to protect sensitive valving and hydrostatic transmission components.

Features of Kubota’s hydraulic filters include:
  • Special oil inlet configuration to reduce pressure loss and assist HST function and performance.
  • Deep drawn one piece steel shell for high burst strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Sealing gasket compound for severe service and high temperature operation, reduces oil leakage due to hardening.
  • High efficiency, low restriction filtration media for high flow operation.


The Kubota range of oils and lubricants provide outstanding equipment protection from corrosion and rust, offering reliability, durability and longer service life.
Blended with high performance additives the range is designed specifically for Kubota equipment. The range includes: Coolant, engine oil, gear oil and grease.


Kubota genuine blades and belts are designed and manufactured to improve performance during heavy use. Engineered to original factory specifications, Kubota’s blades and belts will keep your equipment operating at peak performance.