U17-3 Mini Excavator | Features, Specification, Dealers, and Price.

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WORLD CLASS SUPER MINI U17-3 (360 degree view)

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Top view of U17-3 (Please click on sign)

The Kubota U17-3 is the perfect mini-excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces. Powered by Kubota 16 HP engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability, the U17-3 delivers on superior maneuverability and maximum digging performance. This mini-excavator delivers the power you need, the control you want and the smoothest performance when you need it most.


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  • Powerful engine

    16HP engine provides sufficient power and reliability to your required job. In addition to its superior horsepower and performance, it also offers low noise, vibration level and exceptional fuel efficiency.

    Powerful engine
  • Digital panel

    The user-friendly digital panel features one-touch button operation to view the time, hour meter and tachometer.Warning lamps with code numbers on the display will alert you in case of emergencies such as overheating, hydraulic problems or low battery. With easier access, simpler settings, easy-to-read indicators and alerts, you’ll always be aware of the excavator’s functioning status.

    Digital panel
  • Auxiliary hydraulic system

    Auxiliary hydraulic system accommodates to various of attachments, such as breaker and auger.

    Auxiliary hydraulic system
  • Pedal-operated boom swing

    The pedal lets you operate boom swing easily.

    Pedal-operated boom swing
  • Deluxe seat

    The U17-3 deluxe seat increases productivity by providing optimum comfort for the operator.

    Deluxe seat
  • 12V electric power socket

    It can use for jack as same as automobile cigarette lighter.

    12V electric power socket
  • Variable track width

    The U17-3 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted from 990mm to 1240mm. With the touch of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge to navigate narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

    Variable track width
  • Wide-opening bonnets

    Wide-opening bonnets enable easy access to the engine oil gauge, coolant reserve tank and dual element air cleaner. It's easy to access to fuel filter, water separator, battery, radiator and oil coolant.

    Wide-opening bonnets


STD. BUCKET WIDTH: (with/without cutting blade) 450 / 400 mm
Operating weight (Including operator weight: 75kg) 1800 kg
(In transport condition)
Overall length 3545 mm
Overall height 2340 mm
Overall width 990 / 1240 mm
Min. ground clearance 150 mm
ENGINE Model Kubota D902-E3-BH-1
Total displacement 898 cc
Rated output (SAE J1995 gross) kW (HP) / rpm 12.0 (16.1) / 2300
Working Range Max. digging height 3540 mm
Max. dumping height 2440 mm
Max. digging depth 2310 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth 1910 mm
Max. digging radius 3900 mm
Boom swing (left/right) 65 / 58 deg
Min. turning radius (with swing) 1440 (1210) mm
Min. tail turning radius 620 mm
Max. breakout force (bucket) 15.2 (1545) kN (kgf)
Track type Steel
Track width 230 mm
Travel section Crawler length 1585 mm
Tumbler distance 1230 mm
Travel speed (1st/2nd gear) 1.9 / 3.9
Max. climbing angle 30 deg
Swing speed 9.1 rpm
Blade Width 990 / 1240 mm
Height 265 mm
Max. lift above ground/drop below ground 280 / 190 mm
Hydraulic pump type Variable pump x 2
+ gear pump x 1
Swivel motor type Orbit motor
Travel motor type Hydraulic piston motor: 2F
Fuel tank capacity 19 L
  • The company reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. The product information is for descriptive purpose only.
  • Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For complete operational information, the operator's manual should be consulted.

Working Range
of U17-3

Working Range


Kubota U17-3 is best performing Excavator